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The Airstream Renovator's Bible by Innovative Spaces

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The Airstream Builders' Bible

The Airstream Builders' Bible is the most comprehensive online course available for Airstream renovations and is a must-have for DIY builders and renovators. Take your build to the next level with over 14hours of courses and content. From Airstream renovations to campervan builds, we've been designing and building custom mobile spaces for over a decade and have helped a long list of DIY builders master our techniques and processes to build the project of their dreams.

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A better way to DIY

We can't count the number of times we've taken over Airstream renovations from DIY builders that got in over their heads, or spent time helping countless DIYers with working their way our of a pickle. We are huge fans of DIY Airstream renovations, but they can get costly if you don't know what your doing. And so we offer you this course to help teach you the proper ways to design and build your Airstream, and in the process you get a better, cheaper and faster build.
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Let's build it together!

We love sharing our Tips & Tricks through our online courses to empower folks to built their own Airstreams, but we realize that sometimes a quick call is all you need to help you figure something out and get the build going again.

As such, we've created the Airstream Builders' Assistant. This subscription service is for any current or past students of our courses that would like to have us on standby to help them complete their Airstream renovation.

The Airstream Renovator's Bible by Innovative Spaces

Courses on Airstream Renovation

The Airstream Builders' Bible by Innovative Spaces is offering fourteen different modules on renovating airstreams. We provide you with the tools and skills you need to source, demo, design & build your airstream.

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